• What Is Youtube Shorts:
  • Since the ban of the popular short video app, TikTok in markets like the US and India,
  • many big tech and social media companies around the world have been vying to offer their own options,
  • and Google was expected to do something similar.
  • And now, with this expectation, Google has decided to launch the alternative feature of TikTok, called YouTube Shorts, on its most popular video platform, YouTube.And as per the trend nowadays, YouTube is also going to start its testing from India.

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On this, the tech giant said,(Youtube Shorts)


“Shorts is actually a new short-form video experience for video creators who want to show off their creativity world by shooting short videos on their mobile phones. ”

  • As we mentioned, this facility will first start in India for the first time,
  • and the company will also create its final product based on the feedback received thereafter.
  • This means that Google has now made up its mind to land in this area in a dramatic manner
  • and has also recognized India’s prospects well.

Youtube Shorts


  • But of course, YouTube Shorts is just like TikTok and its other options,
  • which have suddenly gained a rapid lead in the market.
  • You can also create 15-second videos on YouTube Shorts,
  • and it will be equipped with 3 features, which are Create, Search, and Watch.
  • Of course, the most important is the create option in which the company has tried to offer as many as other platforms.
  • You’re providing multiple video clips from stringing together a multi-segment camera,
  • the option to record with music from a large library of songs, speed control, timer, and hand-free feature for easy recording.
  • Also, if you still feel that you don’t mind YouTube Shorts and TikTok,
  • let’s tell you you have to swipe vertically for its Watch Experience,
  • and it’s really different from TikTok. But now it remains to be seen how YouTube Shorts explores its land among the platform that has already been launched in the market to replace TikTok. 

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